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Birthdate:Aug 27
Location:New York, United States of America
Well, hello there, You've reached my little haven of random ramblings. You'll be quick to learn that i am a bit outspoken, opinionated, and that there's hardly a topic i will shy away from, though I truly encourage people to try to make me blush and giggle. Topics of daily discussion vary from my life and all its quirks--some of which is of an adult nature, so kids, get your parents' permission--to that which is listed below in my interests. So, if your interests want to rub along with mine, feel free to press my button and add me to your playtime.

Varying opinions are welcome in this glass house, as long we keep our stones to ourselves.

ON FRIENDING: Feel free to friend me, feel free to lurk, but please don't be insulted if I don't immediately friend back. And if I begin to bore you, please feel free to change the channel.

SPECIAL THANKS to heather13 for the creation of my gorgeous Spuffy-meets-Ani-Difranco's, "Buildings & Bridges" banner (with the help of caps by _jems_), and for basically being the artist that brings to life the various brain children that i throw at her. And more thanks to anniesj for the creation of my Simpsons Mood theme, which still makes me giggle.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Opinions and emotions will be expressed here, sometimes quite passionately and usually quite snarkily, about fandom(*any* fandom), politics, pop culture, or what have you. There will be no apologies for the expression of such opinions and there will be no scolding against the expression of such opinions. No one else does and i shouldn't have to. If you do not agree with, for example, my dislike of certain TV shows or characters and it bothers you on a personal level and you cannot handle that, then the defriending button is not difficult to use. There will no hard feelings. I like this space and though i LOVE discussion and debate, I hate drama and I want to keep it a drama-free zone. Please respect that and I will return the same exact kind of respect. Thank you.
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